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Thank you for visiting the Pogreba Farm website.  Our family farm is located in Independence, WI.  Our goal is to produce versatile family horses that are trustworthy for any member of your family.    Our stallion is 85% foundation bred and comes from a long line of champion roping horses and are athletic enough to compete in any working cow horse event.  You won’t find a stallion with a better disposition and confirmation and he definitely passes these traits on to his off spring.  Our band of mares consist of both performance bred (cutting) mares as well as ranch bred mares with a high percentage foundation breeding. Be sure to check out his pedigree on the Stallion page.

I believe that the best horse is a well-mannered, safe horse with a great confirmation.  After that, adding a little color and pedigree to the total package is a bonus.

If you are in the market for a quality colt or if you are looking to breed your mare to my stallion give me a call at 952-807-7979.  Thank You.

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