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Thank you for visiting Pogreba Farm website.  We are located in Independence, WI.  Our goal is to raise versatile family horse that can also athletic enough compete in the arena.  Our stallion is 85% foundation bred and comes from a long line of proven rope champions.  Check out his pedigree.  More important than his pedigree is his ability to sire well minded, easy to train, good looking colts.   You won’t find a stallion with a better disposition and confirmation.  Our mares are a combination of performance bred, mostly with cutting horse breeding and we also have some old time ranch horse mares with high percentage of foundation breeding.

My belief is that the best horse is a well-mannered, safe, horse with great confirmation.  After that, adding a little color and pedigree to the total package is great bonus.

If you are looking to purchase a really nice horse or if you are looking to breed your mare to my stallion give me a call at 952-807-7979.

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